Get Off The Fence: When Jesus Won't Accept Neutrality

April 10, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: No Wonder They Crucified Him

Scripture: Matthew 12:22–32

Get Off The Fence: When Jesus Won't Accept Neutrality

Matthew 12:22-32


There are two kingdoms.

You can’t live on both sides of the fence.


Jesus has power over Satan’s kingdom.


Jesus cries, “Get off the fence!”


Warning: Be careful; your choice has eternal consequences.



Take Home Idea: Jesus allows no would-be disciples to straddle the fence—you either follow him or you oppose him.



“When Jesus Won’t Accept Neutrality” Discussion Questions

Matthew 12:22-32



When you were in high school, who was the arch rival to your school in sports? Who generally won?

Explain the Take Home Idea.



What were the two main reactions to the healing of the demon-possessed man? Who did the people wonder who Jesus was? Who did the Pharisees suspect Jesus to be? Why the different responses?

What three defenses does Jesus give in answer to the Pharisees (vv. 25-26; 27-28; 29)? By implication, what is Jesus saying about his inauguration of God’s kingdom?

According to v. 30, is neutrality to Jesus possible? Why or why not? How do Jesus’ arguments in the previous verses help him make his point?

What is meant by “blasphemy against the Spirit”? How have the Pharisees in this story committed this sin?

Since forgiveness must be asked for, why is it impossible for this one sin to be forgiven?



When it comes to following Jesus, are you more often walking the fence, have your feet on Satan’s side or have your feet on God’s side?

How might you get off the fence and on Jesus side?

Close by praying together.