Follow Me: When Jesus Won't Just Do Brunch

April 3, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: No Wonder They Crucified Him

Scripture: John 21:1–19

When Jesus Won't Just Do Brunch

John 21:1-19


“Peter, do you agape me?”

Asked three times to counterbalance Peter’s three denials.

Jesus is the object of love.

Three commissions.


If we love Christ, we will care about what he cares about.


What was the problem?

- Peter and the disciples had returned to fishing.

- They caught nothing.

- They had lost focus on their calling.


If we love Christ, we will stay on mission.



Take Home Idea: Do you love Christ more than those “fish”?



“When Jesus Won’t Just Do Brunch” Discussion Questions

John 21:1-19



What was the best fishing trip you have ever been on? What made it the best?

Explain the Take Home Idea.



Where are these seven disciples now? How far away (in miles and time) from the place Jesus was killed and rose again?

Why did Peter and his buddies go back to fishing? Do you think he was just trying to get away or starting up a new business?

Compare Luke 5:1-11 with this story. Why do you think Jesus might repeat this type of miracle now? What effect would it have on Peter?

Why do you think Jesus repeated the same question and charge to Peter three times?

What is the crucial command given to Peter in both v. 19 and v. 22? How is this linked with verses 15-17?



What is the closest you have come to blowing it so badly that you thought God was never going to speak to you again? What did you discover about God in that experience? What can you learn from Peter’s experience here in these verses?

What is that distracts you from following Christ and/or staying on mission with Him? What is the “fish” for you?

Close by praying together.