Answer The Question: Who Are You Looking For?

Mar 27, 2016 by: Joel Sutton| Series: No Wonder They Crucified Him
Scripture: John 20:10–20:18

When Jesus Asks the Question

John 20:10-18


Mary’s Claim: “I have seen the Lord.” v. 20


Mary’s Steps to Discovery:

Mary misses Jesus



Mary encounters Jesus



Mary commissioned by Jesus



Jesus’ question: Who are you looking for?



“Who Are You Looking For” Discussion Questions

John 20:10-18



What do you believe about UFO’s? Ever seen any?

Do you think many people in our society believe Jesus’ resurrection is in the same category as UFO’s? Why or why not?



Give the disciples’ response (vs. 8), why is Mary crying? Does she seem grieving or more hysterical? Why?

What finally breaks through her grief and confusion? How does her return to the disciples in v. 18 contrast to her return in v. 2?

What is significant about Jesus calling Mary by name?

What is significant about Jesus showing himself to Mary first, out of all the other disciples?

What term does Jesus use for his disciples (v. 17)? What is new in their relationship from now on (see 15:15)?



When did Jesus speak your name? How did you recognize his voice?

What does it mean to you that Jesus is your brother?

Close by praying together.



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