Patrol Your Pleasures: When Jesus Won't Look The Other Way

April 17, 2016 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: No Wonder They Crucified Him

Scripture: Matthew 5:27–31

When Jesus Won't Look The Other Way

Matthew 5:27-31

Jesus & The Law: Restoring NOT Replacing


2 Corrections:

- Correction #1: Righteousness is about the Heart (vv.27-28)

     – Outward behavior does not guarantee inward righteousness

- Correction #2: Righteousness starts in me (vv.29-30)

     – My righteousness does not depend upon you



Conclusion: A Warning for “Church People”

- Hear this for you, not somebody else




Take Home Idea: A righteousness that images God must be a righteousness of the heart. And it starts in ME.