Church Council

The Congregation governs the church ministries through the Council. The Council oversees and promotes the spiritual welfare and the ministries of the Church. Any action taken by the Council can be reviewed by the Congregation at a congregational meeting and may be changed by a majority vote.

Jeff Olson, chairman
Tim Audette, vice-chair 
Joel Burns, treasurer
Jon Boyum, secretary
David McCoy
John Symington
Becki Kobielush
Lindsay Robinson

Ministry Commissions

The Council fulfills some of its responsibilities through Ministry Commissions.

Caring Commission

The Caring Commission plans, implements, and oversees all special needs and people-helping ministries of the church. 

  • Erika Garcia, chair
  • Kim Foss, vice-chair

Outreach Commission

The Outreach Commission plans, implements, and oversees all evangelism and missionary ministries of the church. 

  • Jon Sorensen, chair
  • Steve Mondy, vice-chair

Property Commission

The Property Commission oversees the proper maintenance, management, and care of all church facilities and properties.

  • Ted Koch, chair
  • Jeremy Kobielush, vice-chair

Church Structure

For more information about our church structure, view our constitution and bylaws: