Minneapolis has declared parking restrictions beginnning Jan 29. No parking on the even side of residential streets. For more information see the City of Minneapolis website.


We believe that growth and mission happen in community. Community is, in other words, a key part of the process by which all of us grow to become Christ-centered and Christ-Sent together. Here at First Free, Small Groups are the primary place to find that kind of community. We have two types of groups: Affinity and Traditional Small Groups.

Our Traditional Small Groups typically have 6-12 people, and meet at a time time and place chosen by the group. Small Groups are places where people “do life” together: supporting and encouraging each other, praying for each other, serving and seeking biblical wisdom together. If you would like more information about joining a Small Group, contact Jay Pound at jay.pound@firstfreechurch.org. If want to join a Small Group, click the link below, complete the form, and you will be contacted soon with information about groups that work with your schedule. 

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