What Are We All About?


Faith community nursing focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as part of the process of promoting health and preventing or minimizing illness in a faith community.

Nurses walk alongside individuals and families seeking to empower them as they experience stressors in their lives. They provide health related information and resources to individuals and groups. They do hospital and home visits. They coordinate volunteer ministries and prepare people to serve in them. They oversee the safety and accessibility of the church building. A Wellness Advisory Team meets quarterly to provide input into the work of the Faith Community Nurses.

You can communicate with the nurses by email (nurses@firstfreechurch.org) or by leaving a phone message at church 612-827-4705

mask 3

Reusable Masks

First Free is providing reusable cloth masks which are almost as effective as N-95 masks.  They can be washed and dried by machine using the hot cycle.  They have a great fit and will not fog up your glasses.  They fasten around the head, not the ears.

To order masks please fill out the form below.  Fill out a separate form for each member of your family. The patterned masks are not quite as effective as the plain ones but much better than usual cloth masks.

Order masks

Questions? Please contact the FCNs at nurses@firstfreechurch.org

Donations to the church will be accepted toward the cost of the masks.

Events and Resources


Contact the FCNs for any concerns you have related to COVID 19.

Handyman Services

A skilled handyman from our church has offered services to our congregation. If you have a need please notify the church office. They will contact him with your phone or email. He will do work with no cost for labor. Material will need to be provided. Check with the Caring Commission about finances if needed.



The Expressions support group for people dealing with chronic illnesses ranging from ongoing physical disease to mental illness. For more information see the Affinity Groups page.

*Expressions is presently on Hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak



GriefShare is a Christian based seminar and support group, to help you rebuild your life after the death of a loved one. We typically meet weekly in the spring and/or fall. For more information, see the Griefshare event page.



Blood Pressure Screenings

Blood Pressures will usually be taken during fellowship time in the hallway outside room 105/106 on the third Sunday of each month. Epi Pen training is also available at that time. Check in at the blood pressure table. The training takes about 10 minutes.

*Blood pressure screenings are presently on Hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak

 "Stepping On" Fall Prevention Workshop

A 7-week fall prevention program called Stepping On is offered periodically throughout the year by Faith Community Nurses and guest experts for anyone age 60 or over who lives at home, does not have dementia and has had a fall or a fear of falling.  Stepping On is research based and has been shown to reduce falls in older people. Contact the Faith Community Nurses or the First Free office for more information.

*Stepping On is presently on Hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak

Honoring Choices: Health Care Directives Workshop

Honoring Choices is a program that provides information about completing a form called Health Care Directives. Our hour together will help you have a conversation with your family about your values, beliefs and goals for future health care. More than 90% of people think it is important to talk with their family about end of life care, however, less than 30% have discussed this with their families. Ideally completing this form begins at the onset of adulthood—age 18—and revisiting it throughout the life span. The forms will be provided as well as assistance filling then out. Individuals and families welcome. Contact Dee Huanca or Maureen Juarez for more information on Health Care Directives

Legal Issues Related to Older Adults


There is a DVD available of a presentation made by Joshua Damberg, Attorney at Law with Maser, Amundson and Bogio P.A. This presentation will assist you to:

  1. Understand who needs to complete estate planning and why
  2. Determine what essential legal documents are needed by individuals and family members
  3. Identify the changes that may impact planning and when to revisit or update an existing plan.

To view this DVD (or if you prefer, a digital video file on a flash drive) please contact a Faith Community Nurse.

Visitation To The Homebound

Visitation is carried out by the Faith Community nurses, pastors, and trained visitors. A one hour class on visitation to the homebound will be offered to individuals or groups. Check back for future dates. Come to get ideas on making visits that integrate spiritual and social aspects of care. This class will enable you to become a part of the Visitation Ministry of First Free if you desire. For more information, please contact us through the office, or check back for future dates.

Cards and Notes  Some families are sending cards or calling people from First Free.  If you are interested in doing this, please let the Faith Community Nurses know and they can give you names and addresses

Wellness Advisory Team

The Wellness Advisory Team is a group which provides input to the Faith Community Nurses.  It meets three times a year.  If you are interested in joining this group please talk to a Faith Community Nurse. The 2020 Wellness Advisory Team dates are:

  • January 17, 2022
  • June 20, 2022 at 7 p.m.

Support For The Growing Family

Are you pregnant, recently delivered a baby, or anticipating an adoption? Support for your growing family is available through the Faith Community Nurse program at First Free Church. For additional information, contact a Faith Community Nurse.

Task Force for Mental Health and Addictions

Mental HealthNew website Event

Please join this group if you are interested in supporting people with mental health and/or addiction issues. 


Eyeglasses for the DR


Used eyeglasses are being collected for the Dominican Republic.  Please leave glasses you no longer need in the basket in the foyer. Eye glasses will be brought down by the mission team on their next visit.

Thanks to all who have previously donated eyeglasses.  102 pairs of glasses were taken to the DR in January 2019.