If you are looking to get connected here at First Free, Community Groups are a great first step. Community Groups are medium sized groups of 15-40 people that meet on Sunday mornings during our Community Hour (9:00 a.m.). They are organized around life stages to provide a natural setting for studying and applying God's word to real-life issues together. Community Groups focus on providing relevant teaching and equipping for everyday ministry. 

All Community Groups are open to everyone, so feel free to drop in and check one out anytime! 


Faith Builders

Room 109

We are a group of people in their 40’s and 50’s: singles, couples, parents of teens and college students. Join us for fellowship and encouragement as we study God’s word. 


Living Life

Room 105/106

We are a group of people in their 30s & 40s: singles, couples, and parents of preschool and elementary age children. Join us as together we encourage one another and seek Biblical wisdom for life. For more information, contact Bill and Sandra Ogren. (sandyogren@hotmail.com)



Room 203

We are a multicultural group, from college age on up, that gathers together to study and discuss God's word and learn from one another. In addition to our class, we also host occassional potlucks at church following Sunday services. For more information, contact Bob Gu (guhong@hotmail.com)



Room 103

We are a group of mostly (aging) Baby Boomers, in their 50's and 60's, but with no prejudice towards those with a more mature chronology. We are characterized by a love of discussion and a desire to learn both from teachers and each other. For more information, contact Steve Mondy (msmondy@hotmail.com)



Room 104

We are a group of seniors who meet weekly for mutual support, prayer, Bible teaching and discussion, as well as addressing together some of the issues that come with being a “Senior.” Through the years the class has maintained a strong interest both in learning about, and supporting, overseas missionary work, and this continues to the present.