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Terrace on Chicago is our annual youth fundraiser to help support students' summer mission trips. This provides an opportunity for students to serve as well as raise funds for their trip.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting our youth by participating in Terrace On Chicago. Reservations for TOC 2020 are now closed. 

Childcare details

TOC MENU for the children:

Up thru age 2*

  • Gluten free hot dogs (cut in pieces)
  • Cheese sticks (cut in pieces)
  • Water
    *Please bring a sippy cup with your child's name on it

Ages 3 & older

  • Domino's cheese pizza
  • Water

Available upon request

  • Gluten free Domino's Cheese Pizza
  • Gluten free Domino's Pizza with NO Cheese
  • Gluten free hot dogs


You can drop off your children at the children's check-in table starting at 4:45pm. The kids will be in 6 different groups: 0-12 months, 12-24 months, age 2, ages 3 & 4, ages 5 &6, and ages 7-11. Please label all diaper bags & personal belongings. The children should not bring toys from home.


If you go to the "Coffee Room" after enjoying your dinner, please enjoy that time before picking up your children. We ask that you please pick up your children by 7:00pm.  

Mission Trips for Youth Summer 2020


Senior High Trip
July 13-18 in Kansas City, Kansas

Challenge is a week-long national conference for EFCA students completing grades 8th, 9th, 10th,11th, or 12th as of June 2020. It has proven to be a catalytic environment challenging students to live on mission with God every day, everywhere. At Challenge 2020, we will point students to the power of the gospel as the only thing that can fill the void. We will send them in the power of the Spirit to the mission of inviting their friends into true Rest.

Middle School Adventure Trip

Middle School Trip
July 25-29 at Rock Ridge in Ely, MN

This adventure trip for middle school students will combine fun and exciting outdoor activities and a camp-like cabin experience for students completing grades 5 -7th (as of June 2020). We will prepare, engage, and challenge one another through hands-on experiences and varied outdoor adventures. By encouraging each other to step outside our comfort zones and see who we are in Jesus, we expand our horizons and bond with fellow students - all while having the time of our lives.

Czech Republic Missions Trip

10-12th Grade Trip
July 13-28th in the Czech Republic

We have the opportunity to serve alongside a local Church in the Czech Republic in running an English Camp. The goal for our team is to share our lives and the love of Jesus Christ through peer-to-peer relationships! English camp provides an environment to practice cultivating, planting, and reaping with students that have had little or no contact with Christians, the Bible of the truth of Jesus Christ. This will give us an opportunity to be part of a ministry reaching the most atheistic nation in Eastern Europe, in a country with less than 1% Christians.


If you have any questions about the event or childcare contact the church office at 612-827-4705.

Looking forward to seeing you at Terrace on Chicago!