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You can now download printable weekly sermon-notes pages with blank to fill in, and discussion questions to use with your family or small group, or your own personal study:

An Introduction to the Book of Psalms

Created by the Bible Project, here is a colorful and creative introduction to the Book of Psalms, which we will be exploring in our worship services this summer.

What Is Worship?


To worship someone or something means to ascribe that person or thing with worth, adoration, and honor. We believe that God has designed humanity to find their ultimate fulfillment in worshiping Him with the totality of their lives. 

Whether in our jobs, families, hobbies, or in artistic expressions such as music, singing, or visual arts, we want to be a Christ-centered and Christ-sent people that are empowered by the Holy Spirit to bear witness to the world of God’s good-news story.

When our community gathers each Sunday morning, we also refer to that as worship. We worship together in a variety of ways including singing songs from the past and present, prayer, public readings of Scripture, visual arts, and other expressions of worship. In all of our worship, we are pursuing:

  • Communion with God 
  • Community with each other 
  • Conformity into Christ-likeness