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Our Values

To worship something means to ascribe that thing with worth, adoration, and honor. We believe that God has designed humanity to find their ultimate fulfillment in worshiping Him with the totality of their lives. Whether in their jobs, families, hobbies, or whether in the artistic expression such as music and singing, we want to be a worshipping people that are empowered by the Holy Spirit to bear witness to the world around us of Christ’s redemptive work.

Every week we gather together on Sunday morning as a community to worship together.  We worship together in a variety of ways including songs from the past and present, prayer, public readings of Scripture, visual arts, and other expressions of worship. In all of these things, we are pursuing:

Communion with God


Community with each other


Conformation into Christ-likeness


Musical expression is a significant part of our Sunday morning worship.  Most weeks you can expect us to sing 4-5 songs together. In our music and singing, we always are seeking to worship in authenticity using sound theology and being sensitive to Holy Spirit. Stylistically, you will find that week to week we may have a variety of musical expressions and a variety of musicians and singers involved in worship.  On any given week we may do a simple hymn on the pipe organ and follow it up with a new song from artists like Housefires, Passion, or Matt Maher, and then maybe go into our own unique modern arrangement of a hymn.
In all of this, our goal is not to come to church as worship music “consumers” participating only when our favorite song or style of music happens, but to be people that realize that while worship is good for us , it is ultimately for God.


You can hear some samples of songs recorded during Sunday morning worship on our First Free SoundCloud page,  as well as follow/subscribe to the First Free Worship YouTube page where playlists of songs that we sing regularly can be found, as well as devotionals on worship & the arts, and other helpful videos that help you understand what our culture of worship at First Free is all about.


Other Expressions of Worship

While music is a significant part of our normal expressions of worship, we also have a more expansive vision for worship arts that includes other artistic expressions such as film/video, photography, and painting/drawing, as well as opportunities for involvement in more “liturgical” expressions of worship such as Scripture reading, prayer leaders, and Communion/Eucharist.


Want to be a contributor to Worship & The Arts at First Free?

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