Give Outrageous Grace: When Jesus Seems Out of His Mind

March 20, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: No Wonder They Crucified Him

Scripture: Luke 6:27–36

When Jesus Seems Out of His Mind

Luke 6:27-36


Jesus’ command: “Love your enemies”. v. 27


An unnatural love. vv. 27-31




An unselfish love. vv. 32-35a




A supernatural love. vv. 35b - 36.




Take Home Idea: When you love your enemy with a supernatural love, you look like your Heavenly Father.




“When Jesus Seems Out of His Mind” Discussion Questions

Luke 6:27-36



Who are the good guys and the bad guys from your favorite movies? What helps you identify the bad guys?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



In Jesus’ day, who were the enemies (cf. Luke 10:25-37) of the Jews? If you were listening to Jesus when he gave this command, what would your reaction have been?

What specifically are we to do to enemies? Why?

Since applying verses 29-30 literally might reinforce someone’s malicious and bad behavior, (think of raising your child like this) what is Jesus’ point? Why does Jesus seem to contradict all of our natural ways of dealing with things?

Why do you think Jesus uses the two words, “ungrateful” and “wicked” (v. 35) to describe those the Most High loves? What does this say about our love and our enemies?

What is the “reward” Jesus is referring to in v. 35?



Which of three: ”do good”, “bless”, or “pray” is the easiest for you to practice towards your enemies? Which is the most difficult?

How is Jesus’ call to “love your enemies” challenging your motives, thoughts, or attitudes? What relationship needs the most work in this area? What will you do to change the landscape of this relationship?

Close by praying together.