Recognizing & Responding to the Needs of Others

October 2, 2022 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Extraordinary Norms

Scripture: Romans 6:22–23, Luke 22:24–27

Allegiance to Jesus ought to change our idea of normal at least as much as allegiance to a sports team. 


What does it look like to recognize and respond tangibly to the needs of others? 

  • Giving generously of our time and resources
  • Using our gifts and skills to serve others


Why should these be normal for a follower of Jesus?

  • God expects us to be generous with others because he has been generous with us (Rm. 6.22-23). 
  • God expects us to serve because the greatest in his Kingdom are those who serve (Lk. 22.24-27) 


Application: Who are we becoming in Christ?

  • If we are disciples of Jesus, we should expect following him to transform our idea of what is normal. 


Action Step: 

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