The Revelation of Jesus - Part III

August 15, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Overlooked Books of the Bible

Scripture: Revelation 15–22

2 Big Questions: 

  1. When and how will God bring a final end to evil and sin?
  2. What comes next?

The End of Evil and Rebellion

  • The beast = Rome = The human manifestation of rebellion against God
  • Dragon = Satan = The spiritual powers of rebellion against God
  • One day, God will put an end to both! (16.17, 19.20, 20.9)

The Age to Come

  • Not the end of the world, but new creation (21.1)
    • God’s “Yes!” to creation and “No” to evil
  • The marriage of heaven and earth (21.2-3)

Take Home Question: What does it look like to live in a way that demonstrates faith in the message of this book?

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