The Revelation of Jesus - Part II

August 1, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Overlooked Books of the Bible

Scripture: Revelation 6–11, Revelation 15–16

Looking Ahead: Chapter 6-End

  • Everything that happens from the opening of the scroll (6.1) forward is already known to God and will be used to accomplish His purposes
  • Symbols that are mysterious to us were likely obvious to John’s audience


  • For help interpreting symbols, look first within the book, then to the Old Testament

The 7 Seals: God’s Victory through Jesus

  • God did not intend for the cross to put an immediate end to sin and evil, but their days are numbered (6.1-8)
  • God’s plan is working! Better still, it is exceeding all expectations (7.4-9)

The 7 Trumpets: The Mission and Victory of the Church

  • The mission of the church is to faithfully bear witness to the truth about Jesus with our words and lives (11.3-7)
  • The church conquers as Jesus conquered, by faithfulness to God even unto death (5.9-10; 11.7-11)

Historical Note: The vision was correct. The Roman Empire is gone and the church of Jesus is a growing multitude from every nation!

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