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The Mustard Seed and The Leaven

June 19, 2022 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Unexpected Twist

Scripture: Matthew 13:31–33

Jesus’ Central Message: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near” (Mt. 4.17)

An understandable response: Where? 

Parable #1: The Mustard Seed (13.31-32)

  • God’s Kingdom is present right now in the person and work of Jesus.
  • When God is involved, things that seem small and insignificant may yield huge results.

Parable #2: The Leaven (Mt. 13.33)

  • God’s Kingdom is present here and now and cannot be stopped.
  • Right now the Kingdom may be hard to see, but one day it will be impossible to miss

Two Responses:

  • Celebrate and bear witness to the presence of God’s Kingdom in our world.
  • Pray hopefully for the flourishing of the Kingdom in the places where our world is in pain.

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