Asking at Midnight

September 4, 2022 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Unexpected Twist

Scripture: Luke 11:5–13

Understanding the Parable:  Friend at Midnight.  Vv. 5-8

    Five Observations:

  • The question: “Can you imagine?”
  • The answer: “No, it is impossible!”
  • Cultural Values: hospitality.
  • “anaideian” = avoidance of shame.
  • Subject of the story: the man inside.

   Parable Truths:

  • The parable is about the character of God.
  • The Father will always honor his name.


Why Should I ask, seek and knock?

   a. Because I will receive.

   b. So I can receive more of God.


Take Home Idea We can pray with confidence that God will answer our prayers because His reputation is at stake.

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