Giant of Bitterness

Aug 5, 2018 by: Jay Pound| Series: Killing Giants

Bitterness is the giant that ruins the flavor of life


The only antidote for bitterness is forgiveness (Eph. 4.31-32)

  • The cross provides both the grounds and the power for forgiveness (Eph. 4.32)


The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Mt. 18.21-25)

  • The smaller debt is still substantial (18.28)
  • But the debt the King forgives is far, far greater (18.24)
  • Because of the forgiveness of his great debt, the first servant has no grounds to deny forgiveness to others (18.33)

Take Home Idea: The giant of bitterness is conquered when we count all debts owed to us as paid on the cross of Christ.

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