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Giant of Disappointment

September 2, 2018 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Killing Giants

Scripture: Psalm 107

Historical Context of the Psalm:  Time of Great Disappointment.


Four Vivid Word Pictures:

  • The Lost, vv. 4-9
  • The Imprisoned,  vv. 10-16
  • The Sick, vv. 17-22
  • The Sea-tossed, vv. 23-32


Turning Point:  They Cried Out to the Lord!  vv. 6; 13; 19; 28


Testimony: Dependence on the Lord, leads to deliverance by the Lord. 


Wisdom of the Psalm:  God’s love is unfailing.  vv. 1; 8; 15; 21; 31; 43.


Take Home Idea:  God’s love is like an anchor that holds us despite what disappointments we might experience in life.

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