Outreach Weekend: Open Your Eyes

Feb 25, 2018 by: Alejandro Mandes| Series: First Free Church Sermons
Scripture: John 4:7–4:35

Open Your Eyes

John 4:7-15; 35

I. Why we Reach the World but Forget Our Neighbor. One word, BLINDNESS

  • Why didn’t the disciples see what Jesus saw?
  • But Jesus saw the Samaritans and said to the disciples – “Open your eyes and look
  • Jesus’ request was a shocking “Tall Order
  • The disciples didn’t FULLY ­­­­­­get it till Acts 11:18
  • Why Church isn’t reaching the recent Immigrants


II. Recalibrating our vision to see them.

  • Own up to our Blindness – Reset begins with acknowledging


Toward a Theology that Sees Like Jesus

  • Christology
  • Anthropology
  • Missiology – Great Commission
  • Ecclesiology


(Preliminary Comment to point three: Give up our sense of entitlement


III.     Declare A New Mission Field ­­­­­­­­­ Samarica!

What is Samarica?  Samaria + America = sAmerica

Why declare it a mission field.

  1. Be Strategic Giving it a name gives it focus.
  1. Be trail blazers even if misunderstood
  1. Start by joining God where  God is at work John 5
  1. Allocate resources to accomplish vision
  1. Be Intentional Give Reaching ­­­­Samerica equal a priority.



Trust in the slow work of God. Prayer of Teilhard de Chardin

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