June 4, 2017 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Fruit: It Does the Body Good





  • Paul - Imprisoned Apostle
  • Philemon - Wealthy believer and slave owner, Onesimus’ former owner
  • Onesimus - runaway slave, new believer and helper to Paul in prison
  • Jesus - King, savior and brother of all 3



High stakes, and real damage, and the reality of God’s family


Why Make Peace? 2 Reasons:

  • Reason 1: Because they are brothers (16).
    • Family Logic: If Jesus is Philemon’s brother, and Jesus is Onesimus’ brother, then Onesimus is his brother too. (Triangle slide)
      • You get both or neither (15-17).
  • Reason 2: Because Jesus already covered the cost (18).
    • The Logic of the Cross: If Jesus paid for Philemon’s sins, then he paid for Onesimus’ too.
      • You believe both or neither.


Take Home Idea: Peace is a Fruit of the Spirit

God provides the cross as the grounds for making peace, and the Holy Spirit as the means


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