Seven: Lesson In Growth

Jul 17, 2016 Series: Seven: Lessons to the Church in Revelation
Scripture: Revelation 3:14–3:22

Lesson in Growth

Revelation 3:14-22


Jesus’ rebuke: Your spiritual life is lukewarm. vs. 14-17

  • When our faith makes no difference.
  • When we bank on the wrong things.


Jesus’ desire: A life of intimacy with you. vs. 20


Jesus’ offer: vs. 18

  • Genuine Faith
  • Righteous Threads
  • Open Spiritual Eyes


Take Home Idea: The only cure for lukewarmness is the re-admission of the excluded Christ.


"Laodicea: Lesson in Growth"  Small Group Questions

Revelation: 3:14-22



If you could invite any famous person you want for dinner, what would you ask?

Review Pastor Joel's sermon and Take Home Idea. What struck you about the sermon?

What do you have questions about?



What are the ways Jesus describes himself here (vs. 14)? How does that add to the

weight of his message to this church?

What does Jesus see when he looks at the Laodicean church? What does He not see?

How does this church view itself? How does this view differ from Jesus’ view?

What does Jesus mean when he says, “you are neither cold nor hot”? In his sermon, how

did Pastor Joel explain what this means?

When Jesus says in vs. 20, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock?” who is he talking

to? How does this change the typical way we understand this verse?

What does Jesus tell them to do in verse 18? Why? What does this say about true




How would you rate your spiritual temperature today – cold? Hot? Or Lukewarm?

What will it take for you to open the door of your life to Christ?

What is the Spirit saying to you now?


Close this time sharing and praying together as a group.

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