God is Here!

Jan 3, 2016 by: Joel Sutton| Series: Flourish: Thriving in Our Hostile World
Scripture: Daniel 1

God is Here!

Daniel 1


Daniel’s hostile world vv. 1-7


Daniel’s resolve to remain faithful. v. 8

Faithfulness involves risk. vv. 9-10

Faithfulness starts small. vv. 8-16

Faithfulness is rewarded. vv. 17-21


Key to faithfulness: Know that God is still at work. vv. 2, 9, 17



Take Home Idea: God is still at work—even in our hostile world—so you can trust Him.



“God is Here” Discussion Questions

Daniel 1


When you were growing up, what was your favorite dessert? Did you like veggies back then?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



Read vv. 1-2. Where does Daniel’s story fit in the Israelite Old Testament storyline?

How is Babylon a hostile “world”?

How are these Israelites chosen and trained for the king’s special service (vv. 3-7)? How did the king seek to capture their mind? Their body? Their loyalty?

What is conveyed by giving a person a new name?

Why does Daniel resist these attempts by the foreign king (v. 8)? On what grounds does Daniel make his appeals for an exception to the king’s edict?

What risks does Daniel take?

Compare the three comments about God’s role in v. 2, v. 9, v. 17? Why do you think Daniel includes these editorial comments in his story?



What would be an equivalent choice between God’s way and the “royal food” of the world today? What is at stake for you in that choice?

How has God’s hand been seen in your life last year of 2015? How does that encourage you to be faithful in this next year of 2016?


Close by praying together about how you might be shine His light together.



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