The Son of Man and The Beast

February 14, 2016 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Flourish: Thriving in Our Hostile World

Scripture: Daniel 7

The Son of Man and The Beast

Daniel 7


Apocalyptic Literature

1. Written to people who are suffering.

2. Uses pictures.

3. Pastoral, not predictive.



• Earthly rulers and kingdoms will pass away. vv. 1-8

• Evil will eventually be destroyed. vv. 8-12

• Our hope is in Jesus (Son of Man) vv. 13-14

• Our victory has been secured. vv. 18, 21-22, 27


Our Response: Watch and Pray




Take Home Idea: As history moves forward, remember our wise God has secured victory!




“The Beast and the Son of Man” Discussion Questions

Daniel 7



What animals or birds represent a) USA? b) England? C) France? d) Russia?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.



To what does Daniel liken the four beasts? What is distinctive about each?

How does Daniel’s dream compare/contrast to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in chapter 2?

What do you observe about the “little horn”? Does it imply a government, a man or a coalition of states?

What picture does the “Ancient of Days” bring to mind?

What do you think is implied by “the books were opened” in vs. 10? What other place in Scripture do you remember about “a book” being opened? What does this all imply about God and His character?

What role is played by “the saints”? How does Daniel’s view of the “saints” compare with that of Jesus (see Matthew 19-28-29; Luke 22:29-30) and John (Rev. 20:4-6)?



What scares you in the vision? What gives you hope? What gives you joy?

What reason does Daniel give you to trust God has the whole world in his hands?

Close by sharing together those names and praying together for those individuals.



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