Disagreeing Friends

Jun 1, 2014 by: Joel Sutton| Series: Famous Friends
Scripture: Acts 15:36–15:41

Disagreeing Friends

Acts 15:36-41


The Friendship
   Barnabas reaches out to Saul. Acts 9
   Barnabas recruits Saul. Acts 11
   They go on a mission together. Acts 13-14

The Argument
Acts 15:36-41

Three Observations:

1. Christian friends can expect disagreements.

2. Sometimes our disagreements will be very sharp.

3. Separation may ultimately be preferable.


Three Lessons:

1. God can still work, despite our disagreements.

2. We have to learn to disagree agreeably.

3. In Christ, our ultimate goal should be reconciliation and restoration of the friendship.


Take Home Idea: Christian friends can disagree honestly and graciously because we know Jesus Christ.






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