Blueprint for Worship

February 17, 2013 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: The Real Jesus: Do You Believe?

Scripture: John 4:16–4:26

Blueprint for Worship

John 4:16-26

Pastor Joel Sutton, February 17, 2013

The Real Jesus, Do you Believe?


Worship: a "must."

Hindrances to true worship:

  • Wrong practices
  • Wrong priorities
  • Wrong perceptions


Blueprint for true worship:

Worship in spirit

  • What matters most is our heart
  • Offering of ourselves to the Lord


Worship in truth:

  • It will Christ-centered.
  • It will be rooted in the Word of God.
  • It will present the gospel.


Take Home Idea: True worship is a heart that truly exalts Christ.


Discussion Questions


What has been your church background? How have the different churches you have attended approached worship services? What are the differences and what are the similarities?

Look at the Take Home idea. Explain it in your own words.


Summarize the whole story of this conversation between this Samaritan woman and Jesus.

Why does Jesus bring up the topic of her husband? What strikes you about the way Jesus responds to this woman's claim not to have a husband?

Typically it has been assumed that when this woman changes the topic in vs. 19 to focus on the religious controversy of worship she is trying to avoid talking about her sin. Pastor Joel had a different suggestion - that she recognizes the fact that he is a prophet and wants to get some answers. What do you think?

What three hindrances does Jesus need to correct before he lays out the blueprint for true worship? (vs. 17-18; 21-22; 20)

What does Jesus mean when he says two times, "a time is coming" (vs. 21, 23)? What does he mean by: "has now come"?

How does the fact that "God is spirit" affect worship?

In this context, what does it mean that true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth? What does it mean to worship in "spirit?" In "truth?" Can you separate the two?

Read Romans 12:1-2. How does that inform Jesus' meaning here?


What does it mean that our worship at First Free is Christ-centered?

How does the fact that the "Father seeks" worshipers change how you might approach Sunday mornings?

Close by sharing your answers and then praying together.

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