A Controversial Claim

May 19, 2013 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: The Real Jesus: Do You Believe?

Scripture: John 19:22–19:44

A Controversial Claim

John 19:22-44

 Pastor Jay Pound - May 19, 2013


Who does Jesus say that he is?


• The Accusation (10.24, 33):

o Jesus opponents suspected that he was claiming to be more than human.

• The Problem:

o Their accusations about his claims were correct. (10.25, 28-30, 38)

o Their assumptions about his nature were wrong (33).


• The Response (37-38):

o Jesus affirms their accusations.

- They have heard correctly, the problem is that they do not believe. (25)

o Jesus challenges their assumptions.

- Who do his works say that he is? (10.37-8; Is. 35.3-6)

• The Solution:

o Jesus does not deny that he claims to be God because he actually is!

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