Time for Fasting or Feasting?

October 18, 2020 Speaker: David Pound Series: Jesus & God's Plan For a Broken World

Scripture: Luke 5

Overview: Awe & Conflict

  • The people were amazed...but the Pharisees questioned
  • Why are those in authority so threatened by what Jesus is doing and saying?

Conflict #3: Time for Fasting or Feasting? (Lk. 5.33-35)

  • Why don’t Jesus’ disciples fast like the disciples of John & the Pharisees? (5.33)
    • Fasting was done to show contrition & plead for rescue
  • Jesus’ answer: When the Messiah shows up, you don’t fast, you feast! (5.34)

Conflict #4: Time for Good Works or Evil Deeds? (Lk. 6.6-11)

  • “Which is lawful on the sabbath: to do good or to do evil…?” (6.9)
    • Keeping the Sabbath holy means setting it apart for God’s purposes, and setting aside their  own (Ex. 20.8-11)
  • Jesus’ Answer: When the Messiah comes, you do not stay on the couch, you join in his work and rule.

So how do we avoid making the same mistakes? 

  • Don’t confuse God’s actual plans with what you plan for God to do
  • Look for where God is already at work and celebrate it

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