Uncomfortable Faith

May 3, 2020 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Faith In Uncertain Times

How do we respond when our plans fall apart?

Case Study: Habakkuk

  • An unwelcome answer to prayer
    • Habakkuk asks God for help and justice (1.2-4)
    • God answers, but it is an unwelcome answer (1.5-11)
  • Habakkuk at a crossroads
    • Does Habakkuk actually trust God, or does only trust God when God’s plan looks like his own?

3 Tools for Growing a Faith that Holds Firm in Uncertain Times

  • Keep the lines of communication open (1.12-2.1)
    • Communication is one of the best ways to build trust 
  • Look back and remember God’s past faithfulness (3.2-15)
    • God, who asks for your trust, has already earned it
  • Walk with others (3.19b)
    • Our faith grows when we see God’s faithfulness to others

Take Home Idea: There is no shortcut to a faith that hold firm in uncertain times

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