Just Like Their God

November 5, 2017 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: From Here to There

Scripture: Joshua 10

Just Like Their God

Joshua 10

A Tense Situation (9.9-27)

      • Gibeon wonders if Israel will honor a treaty built on deceit
      • Israel wonders how God will respond to the treaty - and to their failure to inquire after him


Israel’s Dilemma


      • Be faithful to the treaty, or exit through the loophole


Israel’s Response


      • Israel immediately sends their whole army, including their best troops (10.7)
      • Though Gibeon negotiated in bad faith, Israel responded with great faithfulness (9.3-6; 10.7)
      • They are faithful, just like their God!


God’s Response


      • God responds to Israel’s faithfulness by affirming his faithfulness to them (10.8)
      • God - as always - follows through on his promises (10.11-14)


  • Conclusion: Just like our God


Take Home Idea: Just like Israel, we are a nation of priests, called to treat others not based on what they deserve, but based on how God has already done for us.

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