Neighboring Well

January 8, 2017 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: High-Five: Neighboring Well

Neighboring Well

Luke 10:25-37


The Familiar Story

  • Priest: Too spiritual.
  • Levite: Too important.
  • Samaritan: Just right.



Principles for Neighboring Well

  • Compassion.
  • Take the first step.
  • Use what you have.
  • Understand it will cost you something.


Take Home Idea: Neighboring well means loving those whose needs you see, whose needs you are in a position to meet.



"Neighboring Well" Small Group Discussion Questions



Who would you nominate for the “Good Samaritan Award” in your neighborhood?

Review Pastor Joel's sermon and Take Home Idea. What struck you about the sermon?

What do you have questions about?


Who is testing whom in this story?

Does the lawyer seem to thin he has passed the test in vs. 28?  How so? How about at the end of the story in vs. 37?

Why do you think Jesus answers with a story instead of a straight answer?

How might one justify the actions of the priest and the Levite? What do you think was Jesus’ point when he uses two very religious characters in his story?

In Pastor Joel’s sermon he identified 4 requirements for “neighboring well”.  Where do you see them in the story? Do you agree with them or not? Would you add any more requirements?

What is Jesus’ bottom line point here in this story?


With whom do you most identify with in this story? Why?

Have you made the commitment to have one meal a month with a person who is far from

God? If so, who and how are you doing? If not, what is preventing you from taking that risk and neighboring well?

Close this time sharing and praying together as a group.

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