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Biography/Description of Ministry

Barb and Guy both grew up in South Minneapolis with Barb asking Jesus into her heart in Sunday School when she was 5 years old. Guy took awhile to reach that moment when he knew personally that Jesus is Savior and Lord and that was at a Bill Gothard Seminar in April 1973.

Barb grew up at First Free and she came to Alaska where Guy was stationed in the Army and we were married by a chaplain. After being discharged from the Army in 1968 we attended First Free together.

In the mid 1970’s while at a Missions Conference at church there was a call for those who felt a call for missions and I looked at Barb and said the Lord is calling me to go forward and Barb said she felt the calling also.

Our journey took time as we felt we were called to serve in Alaska, but we came to dead ends and then got busy raising our family and serving at church and working. We were disappointed, but knew there would be a calling in God’s timing.

Then in 2000 at a Wednesday night prayer meeting, David Boeltl, a missionary supported by First Free, came with a prayer request for a First Nations mother in NW Ontario who’s son had committed suicide. This started a conversation and an open door as Barb and another lady from church were invited up to the community in Ontario with David and a music group for a Worship Festival. Interestingly, Barb and Guy do not sing well or have played hockey, but God connected us with David and we traveled with him for some years as he used his musical and hockey skills to minister the Gospel in NW Ontario. During this time we both received our ministerial ordinations through Sarah Family Ministries.

Through Friendship Evangelism while with David we gained favor with a lot of families and many would come to Minneapolis and stay with us. As connections grew, David released us from his leadership and we still do a lot of ministry together as well as meetings on our own. A strong prayer ministry has grown for us with our Aboriginal friends and Barb especially ministers a lot through Facebook and phone as well as both speaking at meetings. Our calling seems to have developed slowly, but God orchestrated a pathway in a very nice way.

We also work together with other Native ministries as Overcomers in Wisconsin, Open Arms Native Missions in St. Paul and DB Ministries where we have traveled to many places in Canada, Alaska and Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.


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