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First Free Update – Friday, June 26th

Our church isn’t closed. Our church is deployed.  

Our mission here at First Free continues to be to help individuals become Christ-Centered and Christ-Sent together.  I love hearing stories of how our mission is being accomplished even when we can’t gather together for worship in our building.  

Last week 235 children participated in our STAYcation Bible Camp.  Children and parents alike were enjoying learning about God, about Jesus Christ and how God’s power pulls us through as we trust in Him.  And as we say when we light the candle on the organ, “The angels in heaven are celebrating” because one of the children prayed to receive Jesus Christ as her personal savior.  (If you missed the wrap up video you can view it on our church website at

Currently we are in Phase 2 of our Roadmap to In-Person Gatherings.  BUT . . . as we move into July we are getting prepared for Phase 3.  At this time, the plan is that we will move into Phase 3 starting on Monday, July 13th.   

So, what will it mean for us to be in Phase 3?  It means we are a step closer to regathering together for worship.  It means that while Sunday morning worship will continue to be offered online, we will also be opening up some different spaces and rooms in our church building during the week for your small groups or your community group to meet.  

By July 13th, our church building will be thoroughly cleaned and the classrooms will be disinfected.  And then after a group uses a room, once again that room will be cleaned and disinfected.

Let me give you some other things we will be asking in order for your group to gather at the church.  First, we will require your group to contact the church office and reserve a room ahead of time - so we can make sure a room is available and set up. Second, we would ask that there not be sharing of meals or snacks together.  Third, we would ask that there be social distancing and facemasks continue to be used.  There is more information about Phase 3 on our church website as well as another personal video from me explaining this new Phase. 

As we have been communicating throughout this crazy season and our different phases of the Roadmap, our one guiding is the principle of love.  We want to continue to ask, “What is the most loving thing we can do for those who attend First Free and for those who are in our community?”  We believe that following these guidelines as we move towards regathering is loving not only each other, but also our neighbor. 

Hey, we are going to get through this together. As the children sang at the STAYcation Bible Camp – “God’s power pulls us through so we are going to trust in Him!”

In Christ,
Pastor Joel