Trusting God with His Church

January 15, 2023 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Good News for the Weak

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:3– 2:4

Section 1: Greetings & Personal Update (3-11)


  • Despite past disagreements and strife, the church in Corinth is united with Paul and Timothy through Christ Jesus (3)
  • If Paul & Timothy share in the sufferings of Christ, it is for the benefit and salvation of the church in Corinth (6)
  • Through their recent hardship in Asia, Paul & Timothy have learned to trust more fully in the power of God working through human weakness (9-10)


Section #2: A Necessary Change of Plans (1.12-2.4)


  • Paul & Timothy planned - and wanted - to visit again on their way back, but changed their plans (15).
    • Not because they no longer care about the church, but because they do! (23)
  • Paul & Timothy had done their part, now they needed to trust God to do his (21) 

Take Home Idea: God is faithful and good, and he can be trusted with even the most difficult and/or valuable people, relationships and situations in your life.

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