Since We Have a Great High Priest

November 6, 2022 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Good Since

Scripture: Hebrews 4:14– 5:10

Who can be the go-between between God and man? (Job 9:33)

 An earthly high priest. (Hebrews 5:1–4)

  • A high priest was a person who represented people.
  • A high priest offered gifts and sacrifices
  • A high priest understood weaknesses.

 What makes Jesus a superior high priest? 

  • Jesus is God-selected. (5:6–7) 
  • Jesus is God-perfected. (5:7–10)
  • Jesus is our Go-Between. (4:14)
  • Jesus is sympathetic. (4:15–16)

Take Home Idea:  Whenever you are in need, come to Jesus, who is your God-selected, God-perfected, sympathetic go-between.

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