The Gospel and the Church

May 29, 2022 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: First Free Church Sermons

Scripture: Matthew 28:18–20

Differences within the church create friction, complexity and misunderstandings. So why not just sort ourselves into smaller, more homogeneous churches?


Theological Foundation (Mt 28.16-20): Jesus enthroned at God’s right hand (cf. Acts 7)

  • All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (18)
    • Jesus is Lord over all creation
  • Therefore go and make disciples of all nations… (19) 
    • The gospel must go to all nations because Jesus is Lord of all nations


Early Church Practice: The Apostle Paul and Gentile Inclusion (Gal. 2.11-14)

  • The church in Galatia had both Jewish and Gentile believers 
    • Their differences created friction and division (12-13)
  • Paul condemned the division while refusing to condemn their differences (14)
    • Living out the gospel required fellowship that respected differences, because a Jew + Gentile church testifies more powerfully and clearly to the Lordship of Jesus over Jews & Gentiles!


Contemporary Application: The Church and The Gospel

  • Like the church in Galatia, our church is home to believers who think, speak, eat and vote differently from one another.
  • When we, with all of our differences, chose to gather, eat, and worship together, we become a living testimony to the truth and power of the Gospel about Jesus

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