Everyday Work

May 8, 2022 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: God At Work

Scripture: Colossians 3:22–25

Can our daily work be done in service to Jesus and in partnership with him?

2 ways the gospel transforms our daily work:

  • We now serve a different master (3.24)
    • If Jesus is our Lord, then all our work is ultimately for him (3.23-24)
  • God can use anyone’s work for his glory (3.17, 23)
    • The value of our work doesn’t depend on our understanding

Conclusion: Partners in a Bigger Project (Rm. 8.18-21)

  • God has always chosen to work in and through human beings

Take Home Idea: Whatever you, do it as though you are serving the Lord Christ himself—because you are, and you never know how God may choose to use it. 

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