Deep Clean

January 30, 2022 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Going Deeper

Scripture: 1 John 1:8– 2:2

The universal human condition: We have all sinned (1.8)

  • So what is to be done about it? 

2 Options:

  1. Ignore it (1.8)
    • Ignoring our sin may make us feel better, but it does not change reality
    • We may fool ourselves, but we are not fooling God
  2. Acknowledge it (1.9) 2 Ways:
    • Acknowledge it and work on your own to put it right
    • Acknowledge it and trust in the death of Jesus to atone for it (2.2)

Take Home Idea: Jesus’ atoning sacrifice has made possible a new pattern of living. We will still sin, but we no longer live under the power of sin

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