Be a Barnabas

October 10, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Better Together

Scripture: Ephesians 4:17–32

If we all like the idea of unity, why is achieving it so hard? 


Unity does not come naturally to fallen human beings (4.17-19)

  • Apart from God, we are all the problem people. 
  • Apart from God, there can never be lasting unity.


The Prerequisites of Unity (4.20-24)

  • Unity is only possible when we are first made new in Christ 
  • We need God to rewrite our software. 


A New Way of Life (4.25-32)

  • Choose to live according to your new software
  • Choose to build others up (4.29). 


Take Home Idea: We are better together when we live according to the new attitude of mind that we all have in Christ Jesus

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