Friends of Jesus

September 26, 2021 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: Better Together

Scripture: John 15:12–17

We are Jesus’ friends. 

Proof:  Jesus laid down his life for us.  vs. 13


Proof:  Jesus has shared with us personal, intimate secrets.  vs. 15


Jesus is our friend.

Proof:  We do what Jesus commands.  vs. 14

            Command:  We give away His love to one another.  vs. 12, 17


How do we do that?  1 Corinthians 13:4-7

  • Be patient with each other.
  • Do not be resentful towards each other.
  • Trust the best in each other.


Take Home Idea:  Give Jesus’ love away to each other, and when you do, you will be demonstrating your intimate friendship with God.

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