The Revelation of Jesus - Part I

July 25, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Overlooked Books of the Bible

Scripture: Revelation 1–5

Apocalypse means to reveal or uncover

Example: Paul’s Apocalypse (Gal. 1.12)

  • What couldn’t Paul see clearly? What is apocalypsed? 
  • The true identity of Jesus as God’s Messiah

Revelation reveals (apocalypses) God’s perspective on current and future events so that the church will have the courage and hope to remain faithful despite persecution

  • This book is a gift from God to Jesus for his servants (Rv. 1.1)

Messages for the 7 Churches (Rv. 1-3): 3 Themes

  • Persecution is here, and more is coming (2.10, 3.10)
  • The church is facing a choice: be faithful to Jesus or compromise with Rome 
  • These are urgent, specific messages (2.2,6, 9; 3.4,15)

The Throne Room of Creation (Rv. 4-5):

  • God alone sits on the throne, holding a sealed scroll which is his plan of Redemption (Rv. 4) 
  • In all creation, only one is worthy to open the scroll: the Lamb who was slain (3.9-10)
  • John then sees the Lamb, standing in the center of God’s throne! (4.3, 5.6, 5.13)

2 Insights: 

  • The cross was and is the only means by which God’s plan could be accomplished (5.9-14)
  • Earthly Kingdoms come and go, but the question for believers remains: will we compromise or remain faithful to Jesus? (Rv. 1-3)


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