June 27, 2021 Speaker: Paul Anleitner Series: Overlooked Books of the Bible

The Three Pillars of Meaning are:

  1. Coherence:

  2. Purpose:

  3. Significance:


The Teacher of Ecclesiastes deconstructs two common ways people look for meaning in life:



What does Ecclesiastes positively affirm?

1. Though the retribution principle doesn’t work 100% of the time, the world is not completely random and chaotic. There are _________ for everything.

2. Don’t miss the gift of existence right in front of you. There’s a whole lot of God’s ________ all around you.

RESPONSE: At the end of today’s sermon, we’re going to take some time for both lament and thanksgiving.

  • God, these things don’t seem right in the world and I’m frustrated:

  • God, thank you for these little gifts of life that I easily overlook:

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