June 6, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Overlooked Books of the Bible

Setting: The Seeds of Disaster

Judges 2.6-8

  • A promising start (1.1-26), but...
  • They don’t finish the job (1.27-2.5)
  • The don’t teach the next generation (2.10-15)

Judges 2.10-13

  • Nor is there a godly leader to replace Joshua 

The Downward Spiral

Judges 3.7-11

  • Israel does what is evil in the sight of the Lord
  • God therefore allows their enemies to attack and harass them
  • Israel cries out to God for help and God delivers them (by raising up a leader/judge)
  • Israel lives in peace...but then the judge dies, and the cycle starts all over again


  • The people God had set apart to bear his name are now indistinguishable from their pagan neighbors 
  • There was no King in Israel, and each person did what was right in their own eyes (21.25).

Judges 21.25

Insights from Judges: 

  • God is faithful beyond all expectations
  • God works powerfully through imperfect people

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