The Jew + Gentile People of God

May 23, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Call of Jesus

Scripture: Acts 15:1–21


  • Jesus is Lord of all creation (Acts 1)
  • All people who give allegiance to Jesus receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2, 10)

What does it look like for all peoples to be and live as the one people of God?

2 Competing Visions

  • Cultural Assimilation 
    • Romans, Ethyopians, Persians, etc. all become Jews (15.1, 5)
    • All people are “flattened” into one people
  • Cultural Redemption
    • Romans, Ethyopians, Persians, etc finding a fresh cultural expression in light of the gospel 
    • Unity through harmony not sameness  

Conclusion: The Decision

  • God wants to write his name on all peoples
  • God wants to write his name on you

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