The Holy Spirit Among the Gentiles

May 9, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Call of Jesus

Scripture: Acts 10

How will the Gentiles be made to understand and believe that Jesus is their King

  • Acts 9: Jesus calls Saul/Paul to be his messenger to the Gentiles
  • Acts 10: God shows Peter that the gospel is for all people

2 Visions (1.-23)

  • God sees Cornelius’ obedience (4)
  • God prepares Peter for the task ahead (15) 

The Gospel Goes to the Gentiles (24-43)

  • Peter gets it: God does not show favoritism (34)
  • The gospel must be preached to all people because God made Jesus Lord of all people (36)

The Holy Spirit among the Gentiles (44-48)

  • The Gentiles received the Holy Spirit just like the Jewish believers (47)
  • Because of Jesus, all believers, Jew or Gentile, are vessels fit for the presence of God

2 Insights:

  • God is present in our world, and he is always working to build his kingdom
  • God does not show favoritism

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