Paul's Rebirth

May 2, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Call of Jesus

Scripture: Acts 9:1–31

Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria, & the end of the Earth (Acts 1.8)

  • Acts 1: Jesus is Enthroned as King & Commissions Royal Messengers
  • Acts 2: Jesus’ messengers receive power from the Holy Spirit 
  • Acts 2-7: The gospel spreads in Jerusalem
  • Acts 8: The gospel spreads throughout all Judea and Samaria
  • Acts 9: Jesus prepares to send the message worldwide

Who was Saul of Tarsus?

  • An active, violent opponent and persecutor of the followers of Jesus (8.1-3, 9.1-2)
  • How will Jesus deal with this dangerous opponent who denies his lordship and threatens his rule? 

The King confronts Saul

  • Jesus appears personally to Saul (9.3-6)
  • Saul is confronted directly by his own error (9.5)

Saul Reborn

  • Jesus redeems and transforms Saul
  • Jesus’ greatest opponent becomes his greatest ambassador

2 Insights: 

  • Saul’s conversion is a powerful reminder that no one is beyond God’s redeeming reach
  • We are not all called to be Saul; God still needs Ananias and Barnabus too

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