What Just Happened?

April 11, 2021 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Call of Jesus

Scripture: Luke 24:13–35

Recap: 2 things just happened that no one expected: 

  • Jesus (the Messiah) was crucified
  • Jesus (alone) was resurrected in the middle of the present age

Jesus is alive! But what does that even mean?

  • The cross was always the plan (24.25)
    • The cross was God’s victory, not defeat (24.26)
  • God’s future has broken into our present (Acts 2)

Take Home Idea: In the cross and resurrection, God in Christ has done all that he had promised, and more than anyone expected

2 Conclusions: 

  • Jesus is the first person to proclaim the gospel
  • We believe and proclaim the same gospel first proclaimed by Jesus


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