Hymnbook For Real Life

August 23, 2020 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Songs of God

Scripture: Psalm 146

Like a spiritual workout, the Psalms are meant to shape us as we take part in them.

Two ways the Psalms train us to live as faithful people in a broken world.

  • They train us to orient our worship in the proper direction (vv.1-2).
    • They train us to keep our eyes and our worship fixed on God (vv.3-6).
  • They train us to worship God even in the most difficult circumstances (vv.7-9).
    • The Psalms build in us a deep reservoir of trust and confidence in God (v.10).

Take Home Idea: The Psalms train us to live as faithful followers of Jesus even in a broken world, but like all exercise, if you want them to shape you, you have to use them.

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