Racism and Faith

June 21, 2020 Speaker: Joel Sutton Series: First Free Church Sermons

Racism: "a hatred toward, devaluing of, and discriminating against certain people because of their ethnicity or the color of their skin."


Four Pictures of Racism

  • My race is the “default” race.
  • Stereotyping minority cultures.
  • Insensitive and ignorant of the plight of other races.
  • Not open to having a conversation.


Three Biblical Truths

  • Humanity: Genesis 1:26, Acts 17:26 
  • Cross of Christ: Ephesians 2:13; 2 Corinthians 5:18-20
  • Kingdom of God: Revelation 5:9; Galatians 3:28



Four Action Steps:

  • Affirm the Dignity of All People.
  • Fight for Justice
  • Move towards people who are not like us.
  • Ask God to check our hearts.

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