The Day of Judgment

March 29, 2020 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: The Week that Changed the World

Scripture: Mark 11:12–20

A Symbolic Act of Judgment: Jesus clears the Temple

  • Who or what is being judged?
    • The Chief Priests & Temple Leaders (11.17-18)
    • The Temple Itself (11.12-14, 17)
  • What are the implications of Jesus’ action? What does it reveal about Jesus?
    • It sets Jesus on a collision course with the Jewish authorities (11.18)
    • It signifies that the time of the Temple is at an end (11.20)

The incredible truth revealed in this incident is the same truth to which Jesus’ whole ministry has pointed: Jesus has come not to restore or rebuild the temple, but to replace it (Mark 2)

Take Home Idea: Now, as then, Jesus is the only way to God and his death is the only sacrifice by which we can be forgiven (Hb. 10.19-23).


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