Wise Stewardship

March 1, 2020 Speaker: Jay Pound Series: Living With the Benjamins

Scripture: Luke 16:1–9

God & Money: A New Paradigm

Unpacking the Parable: Luke 16.1-9

  • A steward is caught squandering what has been entrusted to him (1-2)
  • Knowing he will soon be fired, what can he do now? (3-4)
  • He will use his current, temporary resources to secure his future (5-7)
  • His master, seeing what he has done, praises the steward for acting shrewdly (8)
    • His actions were unjust but effective (8)

Interpreting the Parable

  • We, like the steward, face a radical change in our circumstances in the near future
  • We too would be wise to use our current, temporary resources to secure a warm welcome into God’s eternal Kingdom (9)

Applying the Parable: The Taxation Paradigm v. the Stewardship Paradigm 

  • A good steward manages all of his resources wisely
  • A wise steward manages with an eye to the future (Eternity!)

Take Home Idea: All we have actually belongs to God, so like stewards, we should manage all of it wisely in view of our eternal destination.

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